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July 2015


Solskogen 2015

Low-End Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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User Comments (3)

comment by z5 on 23 May 2016

Not sure where to put Kusma in the credits.

The screenshots aren't doing justice to what is happening on screen (as with all recent Spaceballs demos) but anyway, the first half of the demo is great. I feel that the last part needed a bit more work though. But great demo overall.

comment by Angry Retired Bastard on 23 May 2016

Kusma did the 2 text screens in the beginning.

And yes, the second effect (a radial blur of sorts) is actually much more complex than the first one (and it was intended as the "main part" of the prod), but in the end I ran out of time for tweaking it. I might re-use that one in some other form later.

comment by Jazzcat on 02 June 2016

The Bastard discovered a hidden AGA mode for OCS or what? Awesome effects, especially in the second part - the lights are amazing. Nice oldschool house vibes with pumping bass and crazy brass stabs. The vocal samples sound way much lo-fi for me - I know it's probably because of memory constraints, butů I also enjoyed the Blueberry-style sync a lot.

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