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March 1995


Primavera 1995

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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Braincell (3.67)


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comment by Kefir/Union on 06 March 2005

Moj Boze. To jest moje demo ktore napisalem 10 lat temu!!
Szkoda ze zapisalem sie w historii sceny czyms tak cienkim ;)
Prawie wszystkie efekty sa za dlugo na ekranie, design to kazdy widzi a w zasadzie jego brak, wszystko bez ladu i skladu.
Na party byla wersja z efektami w innej kolejnosci bo sie cos chrzanilo... :) Pamietam ze prosilem Snoopiego (X-Ceed) zeby przedluzyl muzyke bo za krotka a na koniec muzyke musialem uciac prawie w tym miejscu <rotfl>

Ale to byly piekne czasy. Chcialbym znowu miec 17 lat jak wtedy i pojechac na jakies party hlip, hlip... :)

Muzyka do sciagniecia z:

comment by rloaderror on 06 March 2005

Hi people. I did this demo 10 years ago!!
I coded it entirely while reading history and packing the scene inside a Skoda ;)
We tried to make xyzw coordinates and a cranium inside the effects, but the designe turned into lego and brakes.
No party builds were dependant on z with inner koskinkorva. Pamela is a protestant just as snoopy(x-ceed)is.
The music bo-racka-cha-cha-cha and the music entered a museum. It ate some prawns, me thinks.
Beer is built for picnic case. I was only 17 years old and enjoyed parties bip, bip.. ..:)

The significant music is at z address:

I tried to translate the post above using Polish->English dictionaries, but they all sucked. I made my own translation from pure Norwegian<->Polish intuition dictionary. n0t b@d eh?

comment by Kefir/Union on 06 March 2005

hey rloaderror you have done great job with the translation, some little mistakes ,but hey nobody's perfect ;)

My God. This is my demo I created 10 years ago!!
It's a pity that I have sign in the history of scene with something such weak.
Almost all of the effects are displayed for too long time on screen, design is bad, all is messy.
At the party there was a version with effects in different order because something was messing up. I remember that I asked Snoopy (X-ceed) to make music longer, because it was too short and at the end I had to cut the music in that moment :)

That was the times. I wish I was 17 again like then and go to some party, sniff sniff...

comment by z5 on 06 March 2005

man, that translation from Loaderror was hilarious... (if i doesn't work out with coding, you can always start a translation company, load). By the way, Kefir, welcome to A.D.A :)

comment by z5 on 06 March 2005

And about the demo, there were actually a couple of effects that i really enjoyed. The plasma effect looks fantastic (amongst the best plasma effects ever done), i really enjoyed the tunnel effect, the cube effect with the girl picture was really well done and dots/line/cube, whatever it's called effect, looked fantastic aswell.

comment by klipper on 03 May 2007

hehe, yeh rload, that translation was really funny :) "We tried to make xyzw coordinates and a cranium inside the effects, but the designe turned into lego and brakes."

i actually did laughed out loud...instead of just the use keyboard LOL.

comment by klipper on 03 May 2007


comment by nwm on 25 March 2019


BUT theses videos are not from the downloadable file exe. It seems to be a "Bonus Version" with a hidden part from april 1995

if you have such alternative version, please share it

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