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April 1998


The Gathering 1998

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 7th



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User Comments (11)

comment by Frequent on 04 April 2004

My my my, even this one ended here ;) Frigthening enough it where put together at the Gathering, during the last 24 hours before deadline, AFTER finishing Fusion is my energy. To bad we had to cut out the best part in my tune, but thats what happends when overtired sceners starts to make demos in a "dreamstate"?

comment by z5 on 07 April 2004

Well, i think it deserves a place here on A.D.A. (i rated it 3/5). Mind you, it doesn't run anymore on my 68060. Somehow, i see this as the turning point for Ephidrena, this being the first demo actually based on a concept/idea (more or less), with a limited, well chosen color pallette and a certain flow between effects. Demos released prior to this one (mainly coded by Cyberstarr) were more of the 'effect after effect without any connection between them'. I think that the influence by Loaderror is really beginning to show in this demo. After that, Ephidrena went from strenght to strenght.

I still wonder why Eph included that Dino pic by Stoney. While not a bad picture, it fits as much in the demo as i do in my pants from the time i was a baby..or something. Loved the effect with the silhouette of the woman.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

when i saw the name i said ...what? , when i saw the demo i said what? , now when i am about to rate it i say....hmmmm what?

weird demo and certainly one of the worst ephidrena has made, one bad and many good/great/awesome demos....not bad :-)

comment by mailman on 20 August 2004

I am confused. Could you give me a hint how to run this demo? BPPC 040/25/200. I tried it in many different configurations - with/without patches, caches, startup-sequence. It is not going. The music plays but the screen is dark. I can exit but then some trashes are on the screen... I like the screenshots very much and would like to watch the whole thing.

comment by z5 on 20 August 2004

Ah! I'm not the only one. See my comment on Norsktoppen/Ephidrena. Every Ephidrena release from that period doesn't run anymore on my setup. Same thing everytime: music plays, screen is dark but there are actually effects to be seen, but only in a couple of very dark colors. Seems like 99% of the colors are gone. A pity. Someday, i should plug in my 68030 and see if it works on this card. And the releases did work on my Amiga at a certain point...

comment by rloaderror on 21 August 2004

strange........... works on my blizzard 060 w 16 mb ram....... heres what I do
assign env: ram:
and then execute the demo. The code is really straight too.. No tricks.. It should be as safe as your system programs.. have you too new workbenches or something?

comment by mailman on 21 August 2004

I tried as you suggested but no luck. I am not using oxypatcher. My config BPPC 040/25/200 OS3.1.

comment by heetach on 31 January 2005

Sometimes I really doubt my own judgement. This one slides on a banana skin directly into the "worst ever" dir along with puppets and pieces, featuring the ugliest piece of pixel shit ever released (and I'm not talking about stoney's picture) and a boring soundtrack. The rest is somewhat interesting though, could've made a tasty little dentro.

comment by StingRay on 22 December 2005

This one features exactly the same evil bugs as beer so I did a quickfix which you can get here: ttp://stingray.untergrund.net/temp/dri_fixed.lha Well, it's actually not a bad demo, no groundbreaking effects at all yet still nice to watch.

Loady: "have you too new workbenches or something?" hehehe, yeah, always blame it on the OS eh? :P Actually I am surprised that this one ran at all on some machines.

comment by StingRay on 22 December 2005

oops, damn clipboard: http://stingray.untergrund.net/temp/dri_fixed.lha
There you go.

comment by heetach on 30 September 2016

On second thought, my negative feelings about this one are mostly about my own poorly drawn picture.

z5: You are partially right, but in fact photons dodraugen remix was when Loaderror really began pushing his own design ideas. At the same time I was also trying to put myself forward as a sort of art director, but designing our demos was always a matter of fighting out differences and finding compromises.

Driidirijia was much a result of me nagging ceaselessly on loaderror to make a demo during easter 98. He was tired from just finishing two intros, but I was really keen on making a demo. I had made some graphics, frequent had a track ready, and I said we could just re-use the effects from the last intro. In the end loaderror agreed to sacrifice some sleep and quickly put together a little demo. I first suggested we release it without a title, but frequent insisted we should have one, so I hit the keyboard randomly and said "how about that?"

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