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August 1996


Assembly 1996

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 4th



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User Comments (10)

comment by ToAks on 21 December 2003

This is one of the demos i will remeber when i am about to die..

dont know why i like it but i think every should check it again :) ,
a small tip is that there is 2 parts in this demo which ruins it so please ignore them 2 (small parts/effect) ..

great stuff

comment by z5 on 29 December 2003

Hmm...i've got mixed feelings about this one. Has some really great effects (love the effect where dots form different shapes/patterns) but it doesn't hold together as a demo. Could have been a killer if a bit more thought had gone in designing the demo. Still, really nice demo.

comment by rloaderror on 07 January 2004

this one has a few innovative effects.. Most notable is the vector field effects (forming mystic logo and such stuff).. Id love to see someone do these with 3d vector fields.. Maybe we dont have the fillrate required on amiga though.. 1 billion particles flowing around in 3d space attracted to certain parts of the world would look cool I guess.. You could make scenes that looked like all objects were made out of blowing sand. :) (maybe they did this in the "the mummy" movies?)

The part with money coming down from above is also great and the shiny env objects were rather new at the time this came out.

On a bad note, the music in part 2 sucks and everything seems a bit rushed after part 1 even though the bumpmapping looks a bit lush. Also the lead theme of part 1 seems to be sampled directly from an obscure Hare krishna trance record by Sri-Hara( Zixaq has it in his cd-collection ). I guess its a kind of drumnbass remix. There were some rumours that Archangel denied having sampled anything though and claimed that everything was played on his own synth. In that case I should flame him and blabla.. bla.. die!! you fourteen year olds and pretenders to the throne of fame!!! Still, the track is pretty cool no matter what and Archangel made a lot of cool tracks when he was active so he is forgiven. :)

We played the Sri Hara record loud at a party where Archangel was (I think).. haha.. we're so bad!

comment by c-frog on 07 January 2004

It's a good demo. But as mentioned, I don't really like the music, as I don't see the challenge of sampling main loops from others music works.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

well i agree on the music but i didnt know it was a sampled one until later when i ripped the music :-) , anyway i love it still and i find the music and all the effects (except for 2) really enjoyable..

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

btw, shd made another version of this demo andit was released as a bye bye to the scene at assembly 99 or something, it was crap and u could spot several effects from this demo.... a shame really...

comment by mailman on 04 January 2005

First of all - Lazur's artwork. I love his work but it doesn't fit into this production (except one picture - The Sunset). The Pegasos picture is out of place after the effects shown in the first part. In fact, the first part is rather average. The second part is much, much better (even music is better) but it doesn't bring me to fall on my knees. The effect of the fire sparks which form an image are the best thing which I like in this production.

comment by ijs on 11 August 2006

I love some of the 'crisp' visuals in this one, a delight in a time when a lot of demos were full of muddy textures in 2x2 fx, and the vector fields rock!

But as said before, the demo lacks some overall design and lost quite a bit of it's shine when I found out that the music (which I tought was really good in the first part) was ripped.

comment by vanilj on 09 March 2011

(-: mystic :-)

comment by jack-3d on 02 January 2013

When I bought Amiga, there were 4 demos on HDD, this was one of them. Recently we played few times this demo on big screen and loud on the party and it was so cool.

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