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Edit 0.5






Bay Tremore





Intro 64k


August 1998


Assembly 1998

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st



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User Comments (4)

comment by rloaderror on 24 November 2003

this is a pretty cool intro, but I think the colour choice is notoriously close to what I produce after 14 pints of beer and a tequila shot. Still it is one of my speedo haujobb favourites. The music is cool

comment by dodge on 20 December 2007

whhee, me think we've got a 404 on the file link... so try to download it directly from ze Weltmarktführer :)


comment by mailman on 27 August 2010

I don't think it deserves the first place...

comment by z5 on 07 January 2011

I've always liked the intros from Speedo a lot but this one a bit less than most of the others. Tune was great, synchro was great as usual and effects are enjoyable. But the color choice wasn't my cup of tea. On the other side, the graphics in the first scene are great. Bay Tremore, who iirc was primarily a musician, made awesome graphics aswell (some stunning logos in My Kingdom fro example).

Everything is there for a good intro but it sort of didn't come together as one intro. It looks a bit rough on the visual side.

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vote by strife/apathy: 4/5

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