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Deus Ex Machina


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March 1997


The Gathering 1997

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 3rd



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Henriques Chocolate (3.25)

Mind abuse (3.75)

Mind Traveller (4)

Paul The Kinder Penguin (3.9)

Remix (3.91)


User Comments (7)

comment by tecon on 19 May 2004

The demo is very cool and was fresh when it came out. The style is fresh but the different routines/objects come out a bit boring; and not too smooth visually. Perhaps it's a point for LED to have them like that, as in, it makes the design kinda "crispy".. in contrast with MRKs pictures.
Anyway, a fine release although not my favourite.

comment by tecon on 20 May 2004

Damn I have to give a proper vote to this demo! The amount of graphic work is extensive aswell as awesome. I still don't like the raw looking objects, but they didn't get quite as boring as suggested in my previous comment, because I then chose to neglect the "surrounding"/background graphics.
And to "hide" a body in the landscape was a nice treat.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

Lovely demo , i somewhat confuse this one alot with EXIT PLANET DUST! by artwork, i have no idea why though..

anyway LED did it again and it shows...WONDERFULL DEMO!

comment by corial on 10 February 2006

Superb design and good looking effects. I especially like the bumped twisttunnel with the zooming env objects!

comment by ijs on 11 August 2006

Great music which works really well with the visuals!

comment by winden on 20 December 2006

the credits code-wise this one is very strong, not only with somewhat-complex shading but also keeping a very good speed... it takes lotsa guts to go for 1x1 ham8 bumpmapping for example!

graphics and music wise is very good also. very watchable indeed!!!

comment by z5 on 21 January 2012

A very nice demo in general. Has a great soundtrack and great graphics. I felt that the effects were a bit too focused on 3D object showing for my taste though. That seemed to be the case for other LED demos aswell.

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