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Other releases (40)

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State of the art (4.7)

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Total Dominance (4)

Vold (3.57)

You are Lucy (4.2)

FistPig (4.4)

King Of Fuck (2.89)

Sotakyrpa (4.11)

Timur Lenk (4.45)

We don't understand (3.59)

The underground capital of sweden (3.67)


User Comments (6)

comment by prm on 30 March 2004

THE Diskmag!

(Ok, Zine was good too... And Stolen Data... And Upstream... And Eternal... And Propaganda... And even MC Disk or Maggy... But not this good!)

Why? They _did_ try harder ;)

comment by zerox/gods on 07 October 2004

This mag definately offered the most revoltionary article work ever. No mag, before or later, have ever come up with so many good ideas. The articles weren't always well-written, but the ideas were brilliant. Lord Helmet is the best scene journalist ever. Damn I've stolen many ideas from RAW in the past, heheh...
like most editors I guess.

comment by un0 on 28 October 2004

Wonderfull! I still read some articels from time to time. And I remember Soul`s music from raw#9 (Ned`s Atomic Dustbin) as the best diskmag module ever.

comment by Ghandy on 27 June 2005

Yeah, state of the art!! One of the best mags ever!

comment by egosho on 18 July 2006

ah good old Raw! check this: http://raw.rrm.net/RAW/index.html

comment by sodapop on 21 June 2008

Brilliant ! My favourite issue is #7, I still watch it, over and over... its module is amazing ! It reminds me a lot of wonderful memories.... the good old days, when Amiga was THE computer...

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