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Sly Spy







August 1996


Intel Outside 1996

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



Minimum Required:

2Mb Chip Mem
4Mb Fast Mem



Download Amiga:


Other releases (3)

Kenguru 64 (3.58)

Three (3.75)

Voyage In Storm (4.24)


User Comments (11)

comment by SoLO on 04 August 2002

i don't know why, but i like this demo :)

comment by ijs on 08 October 2003

Heh... and I don't know why, but I DON'T like this demo :)

No real reasons tough, there's a lot of good stuff in there, but somehow it never really gripped me, I guess I just was getting so bored with whichevermapped/whatevershaded blobs and donuts flying around in demos that it never made an impact. Still deserves a look.

comment by z5 on 09 October 2003

I feel the same as ijs. Technically, this is a really great piece of work. And there are a lot of effects in this one. But somehow, i don't rewatch it often. Can't really explain why. Still nice though.

comment by regan on 20 April 2004

i was there at io-party, not sure but Petro Tyschtchenko came and I have a photo with him, somewhere. So this was a big party, and if Muscles won, it has to be good demo. it was best demo at the party. no doubts. watch it on a big screen. love the part people walking on circles.

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

i dont agree with you guys, this demo is SO GOOD! , big objects that covers more than all of the screen and its fast and damn furious, it seems you guys never saw this demo on 060 :-) , i havent seen it on 030 or 040 so i dont know but on 060 its awesome.

comment by rloaderror on 09 September 2004

the stills by rendall and beast are awesome.. I especially love the muscles titlepicture. Also this was blindingly fast when it first came out.. The hiresolution env-object also baffled me a bit, but its all full of tant & fjas really..

hmm.. where is voyage in storm? :)

comment by jay on 29 October 2005

What a wonderfull piece of work !

All scene slide from one to another with a perfect feeling and some effects are really great for a pretty 10 years ago demo ;)

comment by corial on 15 December 2013

Top demo!

comment by sp on 21 December 2013

good shit

comment by rloaderror on 22 December 2016

Classic time for me! Really enjoy the graphics/stills/envs of this one and like that scene with highcolor/res background with env rendered to sprites on top

comment by Frog on 01 January 2017

Everything in this demo feels the power of the inspiration/creation, it deserves definitively it's name!

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vote by SoLO: 3/5

vote by baderman: 5/5

vote by ijs: 3/5

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vote by dairos: 3/5

vote by Frequent: 4/5

vote by hooligan: 4/5

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vote by regan: 4/5

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vote by falcon_11: 5/5

vote by rloaderror: 4/5

vote by gluten: 5/5

vote by dalton: 4/5

vote by dr szach/dinx project: 5/5

vote by jay: 5/5

vote by saimo: 5/5

vote by tjahzi: 5/5

vote by at0m: 5/5

vote by cybernoid: 3/5

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vote by corial: 5/5

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