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April 1997


Icing Beta 1997

Amiga Demo compo

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User Comments (15)

comment by z5 on 21 October 2003

I just love this little demo. Great atmosphere created with a cool soundtrack from Some1 and Morrow. The idea is fab too as each efffect morphs neatly into the next, forming a nice flow...the tunnel morphs into ceilings, then the ceilings morph into mountains... For me, this demo has a great rewatch value. Great stuff!

comment by Frequent on 26 October 2003

The ultimate, "how to do most out of one routine demo". Watch and learn.

comment by Azure on 01 November 2003

The is the classic new-age anal ride.. First free directional raycasted tunnel.

comment by c-frog on 31 December 2003

This one rules!

comment by rloaderror on 07 January 2004

the first raycasted tunnel on amiga, and all possible variants on the theme aswell.. ;) Lovely music too and technically impressive. I still havent figured out how to do the voxel balls.. grr..

comment by ToAks on 13 May 2004

this is impossible to forget...awesome production!

comment by bonkers on 06 June 2004

An absolute classic.
As said before the first raycasted tunnel and it's presented in such a very nice way.
One of my alltime favourite demos.

comment by kempy on 23 August 2004

Without massive soundtrack this demo would be only average production (for myself). But as module rocks as hell, this demo became one of my favourites.

comment by baderman on 24 August 2004

I won't be original, if I say also, that this demo kicks ass ;)

comment by skan on 13 July 2005

Nice and successful "experiment". Voxelballs rool indeed! :D

comment by winden on 08 December 2005

i remember watching this one with leunam and making stuff non-stop at blitz basic for 1 week until i managed to remake that raytunnel

comment by heetach on 27 April 2006

echo bonkers. one of my all-time favourites. technically innovative, coherent, stylish and elegant, all at once.

comment by Blueberry on 13 January 2008

One of those demos that I can watch again and again, year after year, and never get tired of. This demo has soul. It is what all demos strive to be.

comment by malmix on 18 January 2008

Watched this ages ago and didn't like it that much.. Watched it again som month ago and I must say I dig it today! =)

comment by z5 on 07 March 2016

Whenever i watch demos, this always ends up in my playlist. It will always remain a very solid, well thought out demo that flows from start to finish. Also, the soundtrack is great. A classic that will always remain interesting to watch, no matter how many years have passed since it was released.

Also, it needs better screenshots...

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User Votes: Average: 4.2 points (30 votes)

vote by z5: 5/5

vote by scicco: 4/5

vote by Frequent: 4/5

vote by c-frog: 4/5

vote by rloaderror: 4/5

vote by dairos: 4/5

vote by strife/apathy: 5/5

vote by ToAks: 5/5

vote by wayne: 4/5

vote by kUfa: 4/5

vote by DJBase: 3/5

vote by bonkers: 5/5

vote by hooligan: 4/5

vote by kempy: 5/5

vote by Ralph Wiggum: 3/5

vote by baderman: 5/5

vote by falcon_11: 4/5

vote by JuLieN: 3/5

vote by tjahzi: 4/5

vote by skan: 4/5

vote by exocet: 4/5

vote by winden: 5/5

vote by heetach: 5/5

vote by at0m: 3/5

vote by Boogeyman: 5/5

vote by Blueberry: 5/5

vote by malmix: 4/5

vote by skipp604: 4/5

vote by Jok: 4/5

vote by waldiamiga: 4/5

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