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Silents & Crionics






The Spy


Mikael Balle




Jesper Kyd





December 1991


The Party 1991

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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User Comments (43)

comment by z5 on 27 June 2004

I noticed in the credits that you were responsible for that awesome intro movie. Any interesting background info on that? How did you make it and from where did you get the idea? Also, if you have any other interesting info about this demo, don't hesitate to post it here :) For example, how did the cooperation with Crionics started, how much time was spent making this demo and how was the work coordinated? I mean, 5 coders, 3 people on graphics and 1 musician and yet everything seems to fit together so perfectly...

comment by Sionic on 01 July 2004

I can't take the whole credit for the Intro Movie alone. Mikael Balle and The Spy helped me put it together. It was made using various scanned pictures and drawings retouched and mixed in a paintbox. The black and white look was chosen for a cool movie-like feel but also because of the limited palette of the Amiga. We're all fans of sci-fi and we just wanted to make something in that great genre spiced up with some scary horror as well. The music and sound fx by Jesper Kyd creates the spooky mood and works very well (as always). By the way speaking of the music there is a tribute to David Whittaker's C64 Panther theme somewhere in the main tune. I love it! Im sorry but I have to admit that I don't remember how the cooperation got started. However I meet M. Balle while doing gfx for the game "Sword of Sodan" back in '87 and that's how I ended up in Silents. And Im not sure how long Hardwired took to make but we were working on it right up to the very last minutes before the deadline because something didn't work right. But that was part of the fun back then. Watching the demo again now I realized the end picture has the wrong 1991 date in roman numerals. Should have been MCMXCI instead, right? :)

comment by tecon on 03 July 2004

That's true! Hehe. It's not easy to spot, as the picture fades away almost at once, that it says MCMIXC, which I think makes 1989..

comment by kempy on 03 July 2004

MCMIXC in roman numerals? Number like this doesn't exist. It's an error for sure. 1989 = MCMLXXXIX

Oh, i forgot - this demo rocks of course.

comment by Voz on 26 July 2004

Yes, this is definitely a classic. The "gele-vectors", the "twist-scroller", the "box to logo" and all the other great effects. The avi gives you an idea of the demo, but isn't really doing it justice. I'm anxious to see this demo on my 32" Sony when MindCandy Volume 2 comes out. Most of the older demos look their best on a TV screen anyway (RGB input preferrably) as it matches the resolution the demos were designed for. As Sionic mentions, several of the guys who made this demo went on to make games. Some titles associated with them are Battlefield 1942, Hitman, Messiah and Enter the Matrix.

comment by JuLieN on 14 September 2004

i must have watch this one hundred of times on my A500.. Definitely a classic!!!

comment by zerox/gods on 06 October 2004

This demo got great code, music, design and many cool new ideas; like the gele vector, twisting scroll and pixel to logo effects. It's definately one of my all-time favourite demos, and probably one of the best demos ever. I was amazed when watching this demo the first times. Quite many sceners have tried to copy effects from this demo many years later. It's a great piece of work.

comment by Vanquish on 08 October 2004

Nothing to add that hasn't been already said so I'll comment on the pixel morph - it's still got to be the best example I've seen and it even looks cool today. Some effects are timeless and this is one of them - it's just so cool!

comment by VOiD_ on 26 October 2004

For some reason I didn't like this demo as much as everyone else obviously did :) It's still a good demo, but perhaps not THAT good.

comment by Saminen on 17 December 2004

For me, by far THE demo of alltime. Good, simple design and revolutionary effects.
Back then this was years ahead of itīs time.

comment by l00natyk on 11 April 2005

Similar to first time with the girl.

comment by z5 on 09 October 2005

So dear "Joss", can you explain this time why you give this 1/5 (as you did with Gift). Seeing that nobody has voted this lower than 3/5 and seeing that you did two votes on A.D.A, both 1/5 for productions that were in the top 10 chart, i wonder...

comment by CrowAbyss on 09 October 2005

That's demo. Lay back and just enjoy the show. One of my favourits.

comment by klipper on 16 May 2006

This was a few years "before my time" on the scene, so I cannot perhaps fully appretiate the huge impact it must have had on ppl when it first came out. I first saw this demo around 94/95 after having already seen demos like Desert Dream, Arte, SOTA, etc.

But from what I can figure, this demo was the begining of a major shift in the demo scene: from ugly-assed, single scroll-text screen, copper-demos (such as BudBrain) to demos with really nice and well thoughtout design. Without this demo perhaps we would not have seen Desert Dream, so kudos to Crionics & Silents. 4/5

comment by aPx^a1k on 17 May 2006


Fixed Disk 2:


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