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When we ride on our enemies















April 1999


Mekka Symposium 1999

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 2nd



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Other releases (5)

Atome (4)

Authentik (4.4)

Chapter7 (4)

Massive (4.48)

S (3.4)


User Comments (38)

comment by Crumb on 17 December 2008


wow! my email is jcagigal (at) gmail (dot) com

comment by _Jamie_ on 17 December 2008

Dalton: It was 384*192, it take 20% more cpu for this overscan

comment by extralife on 17 December 2008

did u just say skarla is back on amiga again jamie ? working on some new stuff ? if that is true then santa certainly came early this year, coz thats really great news and i cant wait to see what magic would come from u this time <3
this demo though is a true stunner and really the true reason why one would consider the need for 060 equipped miggy, truly was and still is a superb ride in 3d land and imo haven't been beaten at what it does, shoving off and riding all over everything else at that time and later, for sure. for me a milestone and a true classic

comment by vingummi on 23 February 2011

spit black in future and cool imagary gallery.

comment by sp_2011 on 28 April 2011

Nice Comeback :D How about releasing this old demo with the new optimized innerloops?

comment by jamie2010 on 28 April 2011

The new innerloops use multisize mapping so we must change the data and i'm not sure it's a wish from my artist.

comment by SoLO on 28 April 2011

I remember that few weeks after the release, you gave me an unofficial optimized version of the demo. It was running a bit faster, which was even more impressive.
Pity i don't have this file :(

comment by jack-3d on 03 May 2011

Very nice flyby, textures, engine and 2D gfx. Pleasure to watch it.

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