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#1 - Posted: 26 Feb 2005 13:05
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Hi! I am italian, but I spik english. For many years I have been searching a demo. In it there were many images in succession what they were representing of the strange geometrical figures 3 d on backgrounds alienates. You had to click with the Mouse to go to the next image, he was all so. Many image of strange figures 3 d geometrical. There was also a song I remember well. A Sottofondo song. I still have the floppy disk but my Amiga and route. On the floppy disk I remember having written "Mam demo" but I do not know what it meant, if only the sentence was not complete well. Please help me there find it again. I have looked for him for quite a lot of years. Thanks. :) ([email=]alexanubis92@hotmail.com[/email])


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