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#1 - Posted: 13 Aug 2012 20:01
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hello everyone

I've been looking for a music disk for a long time that i think is by mahoney & kaktus, but it isn't any that i've managed to find on tosec,

it is very similar to a lot of the mahoney and kaktus demos, very similar to his masters noise, same type of menu and graphics .. had a black screen and the music menu in the middle, and there were 4 oscilloscope channels one in each corner around the music menu, there was sprites i think going past and scrolling - very much like his masters noise, sounds of gnome etc. but the music on those are quite synthesized whereas the demo i'm looking for was much more dancey / acidy with laser sounds and lots of speech samples in the music, sort of old 1990 dance / acid

thanks a lot
#2 - Posted: 27 Aug 2012 00:48
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If the disk is by Mahoney it should be found at his timeline. Good luck. http://www.livet.se/mahoney/


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