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#1 - Posted: 25 Sep 2009 09:32 - Edited
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Dave is Greater than thirty, years of age. so I shipped up this demo* to pouet.

It'd be nice if someone could make a decent capture so dave could show his non scene friends, it would be easier for him than describing it to them with words. I don't have the HW for a decent capture.

Do not worry. I will not bite, or even bother adding anything to that, I think that just about covers everything. My online persona only imitates Solo2 (sometimes) on SceneID sites =)

*yes. I know I am using the term demo very loosely, heh.

Oh, And in case none of that makes any sense. here it is in something which resembles English.

who has not done much amiga stuff YET, but I know he does personally know quite a few of you european amiga scene trolls, certainly enough of you for this news to be at least mildly interesting.

Has recently turned 30 years of age. His birthday was the day Thi s crappy "Jarig"(Birthday) Demo was released. As the nfo clearly states "I know!". All data and code was made in a drunken couple of hours about a week before, and cleaned up a little on the day. But I digress...

If someone could make a decent capture, and/or give me a link please. It would be appriciated. Thanks.

His party rocked by the way, there was a pub crawl and loud metal music. Have a drink and imagine you were there for Dave. Cheers.
#2 - Posted: 25 Sep 2009 10:05
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does he do irc/facebook/email/something? haven't talked with him since bp 2008 and i have absolutely no idea how to reach him.
#3 - Posted: 25 Sep 2009 12:20 - Edited
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I am sorry to say that he does networtking for work, and not for play it seems.

if i discuss demos in emails then sometimes he tears out my neck! I'd better attatch some cool data, heh.

But at the pub it is different of course.

uh, I'm pretty sure his mail is on the DA site, I think the beachparty mail is still active maybe? It would send shiz to both of us.

[edit: I checked disasterarea.net and could not find a mailto: but needless to say "ript" is at "disasterarea net"]


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