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#1 - Posted: 29 Aug 2006 15:29
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Hi guys,

We're looking for volunteers to record audio commentary for demos featured on the upcoming MindCandy vol 2: Amiga Demos DVD. We have around 10 or so left uncommented. Check the list at http://www.demodvd.org/contents, and find any demo with "No" under the "Comm" column. They include: Voyage, Hardwired, Groovy, Friday At Eight, Love, Deep - The Psilocybin Mix, Closer, Sumea, Smokebomb, and Klone. Groovy and Smokebomb are lower priority as we may still be able to get group commentary for them. Likewise, there's a slim chance the Lapsuus commentary may be lost so consider that one as well. We have Quicktime video clips of all these demos that you can watch while you comment.

We're on a tight production schedule, so you would need to complete commentary by the end of September. It should be in English, of course. Interested? Email me (my address should be in my profile) or just respond here.

#2 - Posted: 31 Aug 2006 00:16
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You should put Starstruck in for 2006 as many think this is the best Amiga demo ever.

I guess its to late to change the content as I have a few suggestions :0)

How did Friday At Eight get in there ? There were much better demos than this in 1994.


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