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#1 - Posted: 13 Aug 2006 17:59
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This is an excellent website and by far the best for Amiga demos. (I think the PC needs a similar site to this) I just have a few old school demos I wouldn't mind seeing added:-

Melon Dezign - Planet M.

Excellent design and brilliant music. Can anyone point me in the direction of the mod for this demo ?

http://adzone.free.fr/full/mnop/MelonDezign_-_Plan etM._(0795_AgA).adz

Oxygene - Cuzco

First 1*1 pixel 50hz textured cube on stock A1200.

http://adzone.free.fr/full/mnop/Oxygene_-_Cuzco_(0 494_AgA_hdOff).adz

Axis - Big Time Sensuality

One of the first quality AGA demos.

http://adzone.free.fr/full/abcd/Axis_-_BigTimeSens uality_Disk1-2_(0394_AgA).adz

Complex - Pee Wee

Good little demo. Nice ray traced train at the end and a vocal sound track.

http://adzone.free.fr/full/abcd/Complex_-_PeeWee_( 0894_aga).adz

Digital - Official Commodore A1200 demo

A demo made for Commodore in France by Gengis of Complex to sell A1200s.

http://adzone.free.fr/full/abcd/Digital_-_Official CommodoreA1200demo_(92_AgA).adz

Noxious - Beyond Belief

Has to be seen for this Intel Outside fractal !

http://adzone.free.fr/full/mnop/Noxious_-_BeyondBe lief_(1293_AgA).adz

Faculty - Lethal Dose 2

http://adzone.free.fr/full/efgh/Faculty_-_LethalDo se2_Disk1-2_(0494_AgA).adz

Any more missing demos you would like to see on here ? Sorry if I've given you any extra work z5 but your site is brilliant !
#2 - Posted: 13 Aug 2006 18:25
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Thanks a lot for the positive feedback :o)

About the demos you mentioned, they will all find their way to the site at some point in the future. We might be lazy sometimes, but after running this site for almost 5 years now, we still have the Amiga demo passion burning inside. So i plan to get back to more regular updates from now on.
#3 - Posted: 11 Oct 2006 08:07
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Keep up the splendid work z5, I truly enjoy visiting this site. I think that a very good Loonies demo is missing, namely "Arla". A small Polka Brothers look-alike demo, which happens to be my favourite LNS demo.

#4 - Posted: 11 Oct 2006 11:58
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Thanks :o) I enjoy reading your comments. And we are still motivated. I'll paste the todo demos in the other thread.


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