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#1 - Posted: 29 Dec 2022 21:52 - Edited
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Yikes - it has been 20 years already!

So back in 2002, Encore and Scenic released an amiga ppc-demo at Mekka Symposium named Kheshkhash. Since it was reliant on PPC-hardware with gfx-card, not many were able to view the demo.

Luckily the talended coder MDW is still active in the demoscene, and he recently decided to make a remastered version of it to MorphOS. The amazing musician Jazzcat even did some improvements to the music!

MDW was also able to create a high quality video of the demo, and upload it to Youtube. A lot of people asked for a video back in 2002, and after a minor delay of 20 years, it is finally here:

Links to youtube video as well as morphOS-executables:

Link to youtube video - Kheshkhash

Link to morphOS executables

Hope you enjoy it!
Best regards
#2 - Posted: 2 Feb 2023 07:32
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Smooth looking final!

The Scenic group sure was a powerhouse of artists. Was this the only demo that came out of it though?
#3 - Posted: 5 Feb 2023 07:44
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Very enjoyable demo! And Scenic seemed to release graphics mostly =)



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