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#1 - Posted: 3 Jun 2020 10:53
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Hello Amiga demo lovers !!!

We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com. The goal of this campaign is to allow the release of our first book on the Amiga demomaker scene "DEMOMAKER The Amiga years". You receive this message because we wish to inform you of this new adventure. This is a beautiful project.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

The project is being funded on the indiegogo website at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/demomaker-the-amiga-years--2#/
Our website: www.editions64k.fr

Our social networks:

You can also go further than financial support, you can also help us to communicate on this project.
There are several possibilities for this:

- Send an email to your friends with a link to the project page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/demomaker-the-amiga-years--2#/

- On social networks, to relay our posts and our project.
#2 - Posted: 5 Jun 2020 17:39
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More informations on our campaign...

Editions64k is an independent book publisher create on 2018 based in Biarritz France.

We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com to allow the release of our first book on the scene of the Amiga demomaker "DEMOMAKER The Amiga years".

This book describes the history of the best demos made on Amiga as well as the history of the most emblematic and best known groups in the demomaker scene. There are many photos of demos on more than 450 pages as well as interviews with "screenwriters". This book is the first volume covering the years 1984 to 1993 with about 90 of the most famous and popular demos.

"DEMOMAKER The Amiga Years" book series was created as a celebration to the demoscene, demogroups and demo artists. Our ambition is to publish books about computers from the 80s and 90s, Amstrad, Amiga or Atari computers.

They helped us to writing the book :

4-mat - Anarchy
Alex - Melon dezign / Dreamdealers / Quartex / The Silents
Audiomonster - Melon dezign / Alliance dezign / Anarchy
Avantage - Majic 12
Azatoth - Phenomena
Celebrandil - Phenomena / Fairlight / North Star
Cocy - Pure Metal Coders
Cougar - Sanity
D-zire - The Silents
Dan - Lemon. / Anarchy / Rebels / Spaceballs
Danko - Fairlight
Diablo - Budbrain
Dr Bully - Majic 12
Dr Jekyll - Andromeda
Facet - Lemon. / Anarchy / Spaceballs
Firefox - Phenomena
Heatbeat - Melon dezign / Rebels
Hyde - Andromeda
Jesper Kyd - The Silents
Joe - Scoopex / Red Sector Inc.
Lord Helmet - Spaceballs / Pure metal coders
Made - Rebels / Scoopex
Mantronix - Phenomena
Mikael Balle - The Silents
Moby - Dreamdealers / Quartex / Sanity
Mr Pet - Sanity
Murphy - Crionics / Kefrens / The Silents
Paleface - Melon dezign
Peter - Pure Metal Coders
PGCS - Alcatraz
Ra - Sanity / Dreamdealers
Rack - Majic 12
Ramjet - Pure Metal Coders
Redlight - Dreamdealers
Reward - Scoopex / Fairlight
Seen - Melon dezign
Static - Rebels / The Silents
Stripe The Gremlin - Talent
TDK - Melon dezign
The master - Silents
Tron - Anarchy / Sanity
Virgill - Sanity / Scoopex / Rebels
Zebig - Dreamdealers
Zoltar - Alcatraz

And more.....👍

You can follow us on the page facebook Editions64k - More pics more posts


Have a nice day ! :)


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