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Demos Amiga Demoscene Archive Forum / Parties / Decrunch 2049 - 14th to 16th of June... 2019


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#1 - Posted: 22 May 2019 09:14
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Decrunch 2049

Amiga Demo, Amiga Gfx, Amiga Tracked Msx for unexpanded A500 and many more 8-bit and 16-bit competitions. There are also nice prizes (demo winner gets Blizzard PPC!).

Party is held in Wroclaw, one of the largest city in Poland with airport and many cheap flights (wizzair, ryanair), international rail connections, crossing highways. Wroclaw is one of most popular tourist's destinations in this part of world with many attractions for visitors. It has been hailed European Best Destination 2018 and was European Capital of Culture in 2016.

More info at decrunch.org/2049/

See you there!


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