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August 2016


Evoke 2016

Alternative Platforms compo

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User Comments (7)

comment by z5 on 14 August 2016

This is a Sanity, Bomb and Dreamdealers co-op (site only supports two groups at the moment). Additional credits are: Novitcz (models), J.F. Gallant (physics) and Alkama (BBS). Download will be added once a better link (non-dropbox) is available.

comment by z5 on 14 August 2016

And about the demo itself, this is my cup of tea. If someone told me this was an AGA demo, i would have easily believed it. It's certainly amongst my favourite OCS demos. The design and visuals are just so nice and so are most of the effects. I also like the music a lot but it would have been interesting to see the demo with a more "electronica" flavoured tune, especially with this design.

Anyhow, a very nice surprise as i never thought i'd see another Bomb, Sanity and Dreamdealers Amiga demo. I hope to see more demos like this in the future.

comment by bonkers on 15 August 2016

Quite a surprise this, Bomb, Sanity and Dreamdealers on OSC in 2016, who would have guessed that. The demo is really nice and have quite a different flavour to it compared to what OSC demos usually looks like. Feels more like something from the AGA/030 days. On the technical side it is clearly stellar but the demo still left me feel a little bit empty. The graphics is from a design point of view good but they do look like they are suffering from being converted from images with a lot more colours, they are lacking the vibrancy if that makes sense. The music fits the demo well but I tend to agree with z5 that a more "electronic" tune would fit better. So in summary, a really solid demo that radiates quality throughout it just lacks that extra bite that would have made it a classic.

comment by Angry Retired Bastard on 15 August 2016

For being something that currently requires a lot of RAM + a hd I'm not entirely convinced of the technical quality. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the stuff that's being loaded is just precalculated vertex positions. :)
That said, it's got some good glitches and it definitely looks nice. Unless the final version has far too ridiculous RAM requirements I'll probably like it.

But I do agree with what Bonkers said: it feels a bit empty and flat.

comment by magicnah on 03 January 2017

Really looking forward to an 1mb version and trackloaded (adf)

comment by dodge on 16 January 2017

I couldn't get the thing to run neither on the A500 + 512 nor on an A1200 vanilla nor the Hi-End config.
Which leaves me with exactly the reservations that Slummy wrote.
As for the content: it starts with very fresh design and colour scheme but ultimately fails to keep up the pace and derails to a sort of newschool-coloured oldschool demo. Transitional effects are almost completely missing.
The tune in a way suffers from the same situation as the demo's content & design. For proper newschool flavour it was way too 1993 and couldn't support secondary effects like f.i. the distortions.

comment by jar on 03 April 2017

actually, from a visual standpoint i liked it a lot. The flatshading combined with the monochromatic fonts, backgrounds and pastel colors create a very unique paper-style visual impression, in my opinion.

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vote by bonkers: 4/5

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vote by magicnah: 4/5

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