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August 2011


Assembly 2011

Oldskool compo

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User Comments (5)

comment by z5 on 13 September 2011

As i mentioned on Grind, not too keen on the metal look and sound in demos. Especially soundwise, i feel that metal music looses a lot of its power and "rawness" when played by Paula.

However, as a demo, it works really well and i like it a lot. Nice and fitting graphics and lots of cool effects. Love the zoomer and most of the effects. Also, there seems to be some neat image processing going on (like the blur).

Not bad for a dead group :) Just kidding. Nice demo.

comment by britelite on 16 September 2011

The effect in shot 20 looks nothing like it was supposed to, but we just couldn't get it right and didn't have anything else to put there, so we left it as it was.

We could've probably used some more and higher quality graphics too, but the sizelimit in the compo was 4MB and with the tune already taking up half of that we wanted to play it safe, which is why a lot of the graphics are a bit lowres.

comment by rloaderro on 24 October 2011

eyh! it's We Cell on Amiga. I like the additive tunnels and the chrome spheres. the chrome spheres could do with some tweaking on the motions though. it is a bit too bouncy and wacky compared to the music..

comment by Jazzcat on 05 January 2012

I like the fact that with each new production Britelite demos seem to be better designed and coherent. Way to go, Peter!! For some reason I like Chaotic best out of all his demos. The effects from screens nr 10-12, 13-14 and 23 are among the best that I've seen in his demos so far. Not quite convinced to the border, but that's a matter of taste.

comment by extralife on 18 March 2012

gz!! britelite, for making a metal demo that imho actually fits! i have to addmit i didn't watch this on my miggy, coz its tugged away, so i have no idea how it runs on the "thing", but u allways have your stuff running smooth, so i think it's ok to judge from the vid i checked out. i liked what i saw, now stop that c64 nonsense and do your miggy thing :) u know we love u ;)

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