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Intro 40k


December 1995


The Party 1995

Amiga Intro 40k compo

ranking 15th



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Chronic (3.73)


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comment by z5 on 19 August 2007

The results of The Party 1995 intro competition still puzzle me. Only 15th position for this intro, the great Indifference from Abyss only 13th... I definately need to check the intros from position 4 to 10 as i haven't seen none of them yet...

Anyway, nice 40k intro. Great tune from Subject. Though it shows that no graphician was involved, imo. There is no consistency in look running through the different scenes (not that there always should be).

I'll add a download link soon.

comment by Frequent on 26 August 2007

Runs oddly on my PPC/060 Amy, so I guess the codework is not the best when it comes to compability issues. On the other hand, the effects looks nice if you have a slow accelerator like 030-50. Very nice tune by subject/prophet. A piggy from me.

comment by z5 on 20 September 2007

@boogeyman: i noticed that you visit this site sometimes. It would be great to find out what you've been up to after you quit coding on the Amiga and if you are still following the demoscene nowadays,... :o)

comment by corial on 20 September 2007

I've always liked this little intro. Fine rotator, which I believe only Dr. Skull has made, besides Boogeyman. I've always been impressed with the framerate of Boogeyman's effects - later productions really showed that he knew his bits'n'bytes well!

comment by Boogeyman on 21 September 2007

z5, I just recently found my old amiga hardrive backed up on a cd in the closet, and felt encouraged to try out winuae, which didn't really like this particular intro very much (bugs alot), but maybe I'm just not setting it up right.

The nostalgia trip furthermore made me wanna check out this page, and I've been stopping by every now and then since.

I haven't coded a line of Amiga assembler since finishing Alien 2, but I've been working for a IT company which develops applications for banks during the past 10 years. Bionic/Silents works here too! :)

corial, I'm glad you like it. The rotator is essentially the isame dea as Chaos used for the 1x1 pixel rotator in Roots, but instead of precalcing gfx, which makes perspective possible, you just draw 1 (wide) line realtime and stretch the odd/even planes across the screen to achieve the checkerboard.

comment by z5 on 21 September 2007

@boogeyman: thanks! you did some great stuff back then so i'm really glad and honoured that you're dropping by from time to time. Great to know that Bionic is working with you too. It's a small world sometimes :o)

Hopefully you will want to check out some of the stuff that came after you left the scene aswell someday.

And indeed, comadose doesn't like winuae. Yet, i managed to take all these screenshots with Winuae.

comment by Toffeeman on 11 April 2008

@Boogeyman I've just come across this intro now for the first time as it appeard as a feature on the ADA home page. I'm gonna check it out now though ! Any chance you could say step by step how that rotator works for a simple mind like mine ?

Did you invent this idea yourself or did you find out how Chaos did it and modified the idea ?

comment by Boogeyman on 11 April 2008

Toffeeman, I didn't invent the idea myself, I saw the rotators Chaos and Skull did, and wondered how the hell it was possible. Then I found the copperlist in memory, and the method became obvious.

It's simply based on the observation that you can rotate a vertical bar by stretching it horizontally while skewing it. You only need to draw 1 scanline (I used BFSET and filled it with blitter) and then stretch it with modulo and skew it with $102. It gets a little dodgy around 90 degree rotation, and IIRC I used some special case to handle that properly.

comment by Boogeyman on 11 April 2008

We need a edit button :p

Needed to clarify that the modulo of course stretched the scanline vertically - the horizontal stretch is achieved by zooming the coordinates used to draw the bars in the 1 scanline.

comment by Toffeeman on 13 April 2008

Thank Boogeyman. We talked about the effect in this thread here but I never got it:-


All of a sudden this now makes sense to me:-

"It's simply based on the observation that you can rotate a vertical bar by stretching it horizontally while skewing it."

Chaos said something similar

"You can rotate it by changing size and
moving the bars sideways as you walk down the screen"

but it didn't click till now. Thanks guys !

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