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The Black Lotus















April 2004


Breakpoint 2004

Amiga Demo compo

ranking 1st



Minimum Required:

32Mb Fast Mem
15kHz PAL output



Download Amiga:


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User Comments (43)

comment by rloaderror on 18 April 2004

Is this the best looking amiga demo ever or what? Hail Terragen and worldbuilder for that landscape.. Still the scene that made most impact on me was the one with the guy holding a speech.. That was a somewhat new exciting ingredient in the demomix. Works much the same way as Metal Votze's rapping but with some style too ;) I want more "modes" and blinking palettes though ;)

Yes.. and next year we'll kick your ass

comment by Murakami on 18 April 2004

TBL again and again !
Number one for 2005, TBL again ?

comment by Estrayk on 19 April 2004

Really impressive !!!
The mountain effect is ... is.. is... ITS like SSX Tricky in my PS2 !!!!
I surprised a lot seeing the mountain stuff !!!
TBL rules before, now and for ever !!!

When TBL will move to Amiga PPC or MorphOS ?

comment by ^DaNi^ on 19 April 2004

Wow... its incredible this demo!!! Only Amiga make it possible AgA & 060 roolz :P
Congratulations for the work

comment by epsilon on 19 April 2004

TBL have done it yet again. Each year Ephidrena and TBL come out with amazing demo productions for the Amiga which seek to outdo the other. This year TBL gets the nod with Silkcut! Easily the most amazing graphics I have seen on a non-PPC Amiga. Well done guys, a brilliant demo.

comment by chainq on 19 April 2004

Sh*t... When i watched this, really started thinking about deleting every development stuff from my HDD... Again, TBL left no chance for others to do it better.

comment by Ghandy on 19 April 2004

Sadly I do not have 32mb fastmem but else: ROCKS LIKE HELL this demo!!

I love the scene with the moving underground train being sprayed a lot. This, most other demos from Breakpoint 04 and the fact that most pc demos sucked - this all gave me and a lot other people at the partyplace the motivation back that we need so badly.

comment by skan on 19 April 2004

A perfect demo. All those guys complaining about "TBL going 3D only" now can shut up and bow down. But since I'm a bastard inside, I must say that the greetings scene has a too low framerate... ;)


I wanna live on those mountains... :...(

comment by skan on 19 April 2004

>>When TBL will move to Amiga PPC or MorphOS ?

Let's hope never (keeping my fingers well crossed...)
Remember: hardware limitations created the demoscene ;)

comment by _Steve_ on 19 April 2004

A wonderful demo showing what life still lies in the classic Amiga demo scene.

comment by Estrayk on 20 April 2004


>>Let's hope never (keeping my fingers well crossed...)
>>Remember: hardware limitations created the demoscene ;)

Amiga PPC , AmigaOne´s and Pegasos are limitated.

Amiga PPC with 603e or 604e to 240Mhz
And Pegasos and AmigaOne systems with PowerPC G4 to 1Ghz.!
I think that Kalms and Rubberduck will can make a very good demo without lost the amiga feeling with these new systems.

comment by KAM_ on 20 April 2004

impressing stuff and works sooo fast on my 040. respect.

btw: it's possible, that tbl will start doing their Pegasos demo soon. I've heard, that they received PegII machine from Genesi... Is that correct?...

comment by LordNikon on 20 April 2004

this demo kicked asses... it was the best of breakpoint releases for sure! fascinating!

comment by kold666 on 20 April 2004

This demo is stunning. TBL people are expert to make the legends return!
Last year Jani Isoranta, this year Olof Gustavsson.

comment by mrzorro on 21 April 2004

When i thought everything has been done and the classic Amiga hardware was really stretched to it's absolute limits en beyond..... TBL comes up with this! Absolute greatness HAIL THE AMIGA!!!!!!!!! (and tbl ofcourse :)

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