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Polka Brothers














December 1994


The Party 1994

Wild Demo compo

ranking 2nd



Download Amiga:


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User Comments (16)

comment by z5 on 29 March 2004

The man upstairs is angry! Fantastic demo in the famous and much appreciated Polka Brothers style. Yet again, Slide manages to compose fantastic tunes which scream for fast effects and mad synchro. Most of the effects are really cool too.

Does seem a bugger to get running on anything but the right config. The Whdload installer seems to do a decent job, but i do have the impression that the timing between music and effects isn't correct towards the end of the demo (because of 68060?). Could be wrong though...

Classic stuff...why hasn't anyone voted for this yet?

comment by rloaderror on 30 March 2004

yeah.. this one kicks ass :) One of my all time favourites. Esp. the tunnel (which must be an anim or something) rules.. And of course the incredible anims by Pixie. I heard this demo took four years to make and then it missed the demo deadline and ended up in the wild compo at some party.. (cant remember which though)...

The music is really great too.. Esp. in screenshot 11 . wohoo

comment by prm on 30 March 2004


This took part in the wild compo at TP'94 and not in the demo compo due to the fact that it needs fastRAM (and the compo machine was a clean a1200). So it didn't miss the deadline. And it did not take four years to complete :) The group was formed in '93 and I think Gargoyle joined in '94.


It came 2nd in the wild compo.

comment by Frequent on 04 April 2004

Fast and kicking demo from danish Polka Brothers. Any here who got a version without buggy graphics in the pink tunnel?

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

WONDERFULL DEMO! and the story is so sad! it should have won the AMIGA DEMO COMPO! as its so COOL!

and yes gargoyle joined in 94 :) .

This demo is in my TOP5 list of all times..

And yes i like to : POLKA!!!POLKA!!!POLKA!!!POLKA!!!

comment by Englyst on 12 December 2004

It is a great demo. Gargoyle and Slide planned and did this over 11/2 years I believe. And yes the tunnel is an anim done in Imagine (my memory isn't all that great and it's been a while) on my former A3000. So was the Twisted logo in the beginning of the demo. I still talk to some of the Polka Bruders once in a while, but the ones I talk to all moved on. I get together with Slide, Laxity and Vandrup once in a while.

It was great fun and I just recently got an Amiga again for the fun of it :-)

comment by Englyst on 12 December 2004

Oh, and I went under the name Colin. Pretty lame handle eh? :D

comment by z5 on 14 December 2004

Well, at some point in time, i wondered where the nick Colin could come from. I thought you were English speaking perhaps and used your first name as nick :) Obviously, i was wrong...

Anyway, you helped creating some fantastic demos. I love Polka Brothers...they had style. Slide did awesome music and i really miss Airwalk's coding style and ideas (heard anything about Airwalk? At one point he wanted to make a comeback to the amiga scene, but it never happened...:()

What Amiga have you bought? Do you intend do catch up on what has been released in recent years?

comment by Englyst on 16 December 2004

@ z5

Thanks :) And no, I haven't heard from Airwalk in a long time. Neither have the others I believe. Slide plays the guitar and are thinking about doing some tracker music again, but I don't think he'll ever get around to it :D

Laxity did some Playstation development some years ago but I'm not sure what it is he's doing right now. Coding yes, but WHAT kind of coding??

Regarding my newly aquired Amiga, it's an A4000/040/25 with 2 MB Chip/16 MB Fast, in an Elbox Mirage 400 Pro tower with a Voodoo5 5500 PCI, an Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller, Kickflash OS4, IDE HD + CD-Rom, Hydranet Ethernet card, OS3.9 ... More to come ;)

And I want an AmigaOne at some point. It could be fun to see if there were new demos developed for the new machine. And the new OS looks sweet.. :)

comment by z5 on 17 December 2004


Blimey... that's one meaty config you have there. Have you catched up yet with the productions released after you left the scene? Be sure to do that as some fine productions have been released the last years aswell.

comment by Englyst on 20 December 2004

It's a nice little machine. My SCSI controller just went kaboom, so I've ordered a Catweasel MkII with the IDE controller and a new 120 GB IDE HDD. And a new floppy drive for the Catweasel so I can get all my content from the ancient disks I've been keeping. :D

And I'm also getting the parts for my new uA1-C AmigaOne motherboard. THAT will be fun. I hope I have it before Christmas!

I'll check out the new demos when I get time.

comment by mailman on 09 January 2005

Nice demo... but... some things in part one I don't like. The second part is much better. Escpecially those movie scenes! That rocks!

comment by sp on 22 October 2005

I watched this demo at the bigscreen at tp94. wonderful sync and music!

comment by aPx^a1k on 17 May 2006


comment by dodke on 18 January 2009

I just love this one. maybe it's mostly how it's put together with the music. "blah blah blah blah..."

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