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DeepPan the final slice





Code additional:







Intro 40k


December 1997


The Party 1997

Amiga Intro 40k compo

ranking 4th



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Other releases (2)

Peanut (4.31)

Perspiration (3.89)


User Comments (6)

comment by rloaderror on 16 February 2004

what? No comments? This is one cool intro. It pioneers a few things when it comes to precalculated data on amiga. I love the great hires rendered Efreet logo. The transition effect in the credits part is also very cool, and fast..

Maybe it is a bit uncontrolled in the colour department, but I guess it is ok as it is rather cute and childish in both the sound and graphics anyway..

Definetly a rules!

Where is the bloody great 4k intro Peanut? That deserves its place on Ada I think..

comment by Estrayk on 25 February 2004

I surprised a lot when I saw this intro.
Really very cool one!

comment by ToAks on 23 May 2004

this intro is awesome, really fab code by blueberry but peanut is better! :-)

comment by mailman on 17 August 2004

Very, very nice intro. Some great advantages: 1. Great starting GUI, 2. Hires-laced gfx in 40kb production!, 3. Especially nice effects like these one on screen 7, 4. Very nice greetings part, 5. At last but not least - wonderful endscroller!!! At the end disadvantages - I hate the colours in tunnel. They are awful.

comment by c-frog on 03 December 2004

This is a nice intro! A some sort of inspiration for our Grid series actually.

Is this the final version btw? The one without the fade-part (from #FFF to #000) in the middle of the intro ? ;)

comment by corial on 01 July 2005

Really fine stuff by Blueberry. The weird-objects tunnellike thing is probably my favourite effect on Amiga - even though it's precalculated. But it looks soo great.

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