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Planet Potion







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Intro 64k


April 2002


Mekka Symposium 2002

Amiga Intro 64k compo

ranking 1st


Amiga ppc

Minimum Required:


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Other releases (9)

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Schizofrenia (4)

Vertus (4.35)

Raos (3.29)


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comment by skipp604 on 14 December 2008


I think in case of 060 CPU it actually needs two libraries (68040.library - a dummy, and 68060.library - the proper one). When you use this dummy 68040.lib with a real 040 cpu you'll get a crash for sure.

But seems like it's another problem, which I don't know how to solve... I don't have a PPC card myself to test it.

comment by z5 on 06 January 2009

Interesting (but rather harsh) discussion on hardware requirement to judge a demo. I would never downvote a production because i haven't seen it on a real Amiga. Was i eager to get this running on a real Amiga? Absolutely! Was i dissapointed when i couldn't? Hell yes! Was i thrilled that i could see this on a crappy video! Fuck yes! (i keep hoping that a super high quality capture will be made one day though).

When i watch a demo , i completely forget the hardware and i rarely go the "this is a very nice demo because it has impressive code" route of judging a demo either (not knowing how any effect is coded helps to keep the magic). The enjoyment of a demo has no connection with the hardware, at least not in my way of enjoying demos.

That said, in a lot of cases, the type of hardware has a big impact on how a demo looks but that is another discussion.

Then again, everyone is free to judge as he/she wishes (free world and all that :))

comment by extralife on 07 January 2009

I thought that discussion was pretty much closed, finally :) The only reason this production is making such a fuss as i can read from the posts IS actually hardware and what people consider "amiga" hardware, I for one haven't seen this intro and i probly never will, bcoz i wanna watch the stuff on the real deal and since this is an amiga site, at least last time i checked, hardware is actually important :), for me ppc w. gfx card is not amiga, but thats just me and as I said, I haven't seen this intro and haven't voted, but i'm pretty sure it's cool though, but i wont be watching any ppc intro's or demo's, simply bcoz they have no interrest for me, so some people probly just have a "grudge" against this, bcoz it's rated so high at your "amiga" chart. Just my thought on the subject.

comment by z5 on 07 January 2009

@extralife: i can understand that you won't accept it as a real Amiga (that is a useless non solvable discussion anyway :)) but i can't figure out why this holds you back from at least having a look at it though... Are demos only nice because / if they run on a certain well defined platform?

As said, i respect other's opinions so i'll leave it at that but it's not something i understand from my own viewpoint :)

comment by extralife on 08 January 2009

point taken z5, offcoz the prods are nice at any platform, I personally just don't have any connection to the ppc platform, so for me personally it might not be as exciting ;) as a side note, I have actually seen a couple of the mawi ppc prods on vid clips and well, I tend to compare them to pc demo's and they did look very nice, but I wouldn't vote them on an amiga chart, no need to explain, u allready know my deep feelings for this "amiga" scene, that have allready entertained and impressed me, with their magic since my youth and u all still do.
For the potion guys, what i have seen u guys do on, aga 060, is very impressive and the gift intro (thx z5 for the help back then, with setup, lol) is among my top 5 intro's on any platforms I know off, just my last thoughts and replies here

comment by HOŁDYS on 10 March 2009


comment by jack-3d on 03 May 2011

As a demo, it would be excellent, as a 64k it is MADNESS! I love the design, I love the colors, I love the 3D and I love the music. From my point of view the best 64k ever created on Amiga.

comment by Overflow on 30 May 2014

The demo is amazing, only rivaled (and maybe even surpassed) by the music.

Simply amazing!

comment by magicnah on 11 January 2015

Those were the days :)

comment by skipp on 27 June 2017

I am pleased to inform that after 15 f--ng years, the HQ video capture has finally arrived. Ripped, edited and encoded by yours truly. Have a look: https://vimeo.com/222155079 and if you wish to keep it, use "Download" button and choose "Original" (MKV, H.264, FLAC / Remastered Soundtrack). Also available at https://files.scene.org/view/parties/2002/mekkasymposium02/amiga/in64/potion-planetpotion-640x480-h264_flac.mkv

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