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Paradox Uncreated
#1 - Posted: 15 Dec 2012 15:53
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Intel E5 workstations = the new Amiga.

All oldchoolers remember the Amiga as a low-jitter platform. There were little interruptions from the OS, when running games, demoes, apps etc. This set a very high standard of quality on the amiga.

The good news is that today. the Intel E5 workstations give the windows platform, low-jitter aswell, so programs run, without interruptions from the OS. All those interested in what the Amiga was about, can now just buy an Intel E5 workstation.

DPC latency on windows XP is 15uS on a normal install. After tweaking about 5uS. After tweaking jitter-sensitive games like doom 3, (3 passes to opengl) runs without jitter. This has been achieveable on Linux for some time now, but now this is also available on common OS`s like windows, with E5.

A bit of an enthusiasts dream, and I highly recommend it to "sceners" - enthusiasts, and professionals.

See also my blog-page for XP tweaking - http://paradoxuncreated.com/Blog/wordpress/?p=1783

Peace Be With You,
Also known as B.i.T/Eon in the Amigascene, and the module "Style Blend" and others :)


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