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#1 - Posted: 4 Feb 2005 03:35
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Hi, just looking for your ideas and suggestions here.

I've been asked by the Siggraph Student Chapter at Bristol University to host a demo show. Most (all I guess) people at the show have no idea what the scene is but they are all intressted and know quite a bit about computer graphics. The only guidlines I've got is that they want me to talk about the history and the social aspects of the scene aswell as just showing demos. I have about 90 min to work with, what demos/intros would you choose for a show like this? And what other aspects of the scene would you talk about? As I only have 90 min I'm going to concentrate on Amigas and skip c64,atari and console.

z5: I'm going to include a small "How to get involved" part and I'll recommend ADA as the starting point.
#2 - Posted: 4 Feb 2005 12:03
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z5: I'm going to include a small "How to get involved" part and I'll recommend ADA as the starting point.

That's nice :) Thanks a lot...

I'm going to have a think about your question. Does it has to be more graphics orientated?
#3 - Posted: 4 Feb 2005 21:01
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i gave a similar 1hour talk to students last year and i talked about the evolution of the intros from from the very beginning till today.

it started with a very basic c64 intro from 1985 and ended with one of those farbrausch intros. in the middle i had lots of amiga style (melon, stellar, etc).

i still have the outline on my harddrive, as well as the intros. themselves. drop me a line if you would like to have a look at it.
#4 - Posted: 16 Feb 2005 19:03
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NoName: IŽll love to get the outline you used, mail me at [handle]"at"tulou.org

The stuff IŽve planned so far looks something like this.

1. Some old cracktros, just to show people how it all started

2. One or two "oldschool" demos, probably Desert Dreams and Mental Hangover

3. SOTA, and explain why it changed what we see as demos from then and onwards

4. Explain what is/was so special with Amiga Hardware

5. Newer demos, as far as I know there will be no Amiga owners present so I plan to mostly concentrate on the newer stuff so they wont get bored. The List so far goes something like this:

-Killer - CNCD
-Fake Electronic Lightshow OR J - Ephidrena
-Synthesis - Network
-Silkcut - TBL
-Lapsus - Mature Furk
-Live Axxion - Up Rough OR Smokebomb - Ozone
-Heartcore - IRIS

-Zeon OR Grid2 - Nature
-Planet Potion - Potion

-IkAnim - Loonies
-Finnmark - Ephidrena

IŽll try to show some Discmags and Musicdisc/Slideshows inbetween aswell to try and show the "social" aspects of the scene.

As you see most of the demos are from later years and belong to the "style" class of demos, I tried to compile the list not because they are my favourite demos but because I hope people will apriciate them.

Suggestions to the list are more than welcome.
#5 - Posted: 17 Feb 2005 22:39
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I think you took a brave decision covering the amiga demoscene :) Explaining the demoscene is already quite hard, let alone on a platform that nobody knows.

The audience will probably expect 3d scenes on a par with the latest Doom 3 or Halflife 2 and instead they will get 256 colors on an AGA with paula sound :)

Having said that, i think you took the best demos for this purpose. SOTA is a must show and will go down really well with any crowd i guess.

Ikanim and Finnmark are definately the 4k intros that will appeal the most and Finnmark has the bonus that the sound is rather fantastic (the concept of 4k soundengines is rather interesting aswell i think).

Planet Potion is a must show aswell. I think it really is important to get across the filesize and the differences between 4k, 64k and demo and explain in an easy way how small these files are and how impressive the code/work/genius behind it is.

As for the demos, likewise allthough Lapsuus may go down as blocky and lowres for the non-demoscene pc generation. Maybe you should show Respirator Stories instead of J / FEL. Visually, it is quite strong and interesting.

And yes, showing old skool demos will probably be not that interesting for a non-demoscene public (although interesting to show the progress/where it started).

Good luck! Let us know how it worked out :)
#6 - Posted: 19 Feb 2005 21:16
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Hi bonkers, I've made a short webpage with links to all the material that I used for my talk. My hope is that you understand german language, since the notes are in german. Otherwise I might translate them for you if I find the time.


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