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#1 - Posted: 30 Mar 2010 20:29
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Hi, sorry if this doesn't really fit here, i'm having trouble finding any info.

I'm trying to find out some info on how to go about programming for sound sampler cartridge on the A500. i have a number of samplers (Technosound, AMAS and Stereo Master) along with the bundled software, but would love to program my own software to use with them.
i assume there was some sort of standard as all the cartridges and software are interchangeable.

I would really appreciate any help as this is something i would love to do. i'm pretty new to programming on the amiga. i used to program on the BBC micro, acorn, amstrad and spectrum as a kid, but it's been a long time since i've touched anything that old :)

Hope someone out there can help.
#2 - Posted: 1 Apr 2010 12:31
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I think you just read values from the parallel port at a constant speed. I don't think theres anything more to it than that, IIRC.
#3 - Posted: 4 Apr 2010 08:16
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I don't think there's more to using an 8-bit sampler than that either. I picked an old 8-bit sampler open once and it was just an A-D converter and a couple of glue components.

You can find information on the hardware and AmigaOS APIs on http://amigadev.elowar.com/ though it's pretty much a digest of transcribed docs in bad formatting. At least it's all there.

For more utility oriented Amiga programming I think your best source of help would be http://utilitybase.com/


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