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#1 - Posted: 15 Dec 2004 12:56 - Edited by Admin
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What are your favourite amiga demos/productions? I know... difficult to say because there are so many good amiga productions, but what are to ones that really really impressed you (that feeling of adrenaline rushing in your body, that 'wow, what the hell was that, i need to rewatch this 20 times in a row' feeling)?

Some of my favourites:
- Planet Potion (sadly never seen on a real amiga :()
- Hardwired (completely blew me away first time i saw it, still remember it like it was yesterday)
- Finnmark (the best 4k intro i have ever seen. I went crazy and watched it like 10 times in a row)
- Fake Electronic Lightshow (absolutely kick-ass in all aspects: music, graphic, idea...)
- Captured Dreams (still as enjoyable as in 1997)
- Concrete
- Big! (for being the first 4k that looked good and sounded fantastic)
- J'_ (a beautiful demo)
- Respirator Stories
- Flux (for the fantastic atmosphere)
- Ride on our enemies (for best 3D engine, miles ahead of the competition, fantastic textures and music)
- Gift (i was speechless first time i saw it... i still am...)
- Wild Copper (the memories)
- Budbrain (for the originality)
- Thug Life (for being the 'coolest' demo ever)
- Rise (for the fantastic soundtrack and intro)
- Desert Dream
- Synthesis (for being a great modern oldskool demo)
- Rebels megademo 2 (for the fantastic music)
- Static Chaos (i was blown away)
- Darkroom (for atmosphere/originality)
- Interference (for the tune and effects)
- World of Commodore / Sanity (for the cool effects and fantastic tunes)
- The Prey (for the awesome tune and fast and nice effects)
- Substral (for original effects, like the fantastic credits part)
#2 - Posted: 15 Dec 2004 14:07 - Edited
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the first oldskool intros:
- Yvonne/Alpha Flight (rahh crazy copperlist!)
- a Silents intro with "Spirit" mod by Jesper Kid and code by Guzzler (hardwired)
- aurora intro by yogi bear & spoutnik
- demon are forever/D.O.C
- Phenomena Joyride, Animotion...
- Total Triple Trouble/Rebels (Vertical Rasterbars master!)

and megademos:
- Red Sector megademo 1
- Phenomena Enigma, for the first time 3D stars, 3D dots sphere ...
- Hardwired! rah!!! 1991, great year !
- Virtual World/TomSoft
- of course Crystal Symphonies 1 & 2 / Phenomena
- Voyage/Razor 1911 : excellent! (Tip & Mantronix era)
- Sound Vision/Reflect
- guardian dragon 1 & 2/kefrens

years 92-93-94:
- World of Commodore 92/Sanity : cool effects and music
- Technological Death/Mad Elks (great synchro!)
- Arte/Sanity : great!
- Interference/Sanity, another sanity prod :)) superb code and design
- Flower Power/Anarchy...argl!
- Demon Download/Silents (with the cool hidden part game ^^)
- Xpose/Silents
- D.O.S/Andromeda (and others prod by Andromeda)
- State of the Art and 9 fingers/Spaceballs
- Digital prods (Day of reckoning, lethal exit...)
my fav:
- Aspartame by Silicon (the last A500 prod by Silicon, but I thought it was an AGA intro!)
- Rampage/TEK, like Aspartame, but when I saw "no aga", pfiu! too great!
- Cobalt/Paradox
- recent "Major Release/DaJormas" oldskool :)

- Love/Virtual Dreams^Fairlight : great Dr Skull productions!
- Twisted/Polka Brother
- Nexus 7/Andromeda
- Big Time Sensuality

and last, all cracktros !
#3 - Posted: 9 Jan 2005 04:58
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desert dream
mental hangover
friday at eight
nexus 7
planet potion
..and hundreds more
#4 - Posted: 2 Aug 2005 12:54
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I've been in the scene for a long,long time now and I feel fortunate that I have seen so much fantastic stuff over the years.

-Boulder Demo/Tristar: the first demo I saw, it was jawdropping to see those scrolling balls accompanied by a fantastic tune.

-Copper Master/Angels: for being so colourful. It must have been a real pain in the butt to edit all that copperdata!

-Global Trash/Silents: first time I saw raytracing and such a great RGB plasma.

-Megademo8/Kefrens: for being great in every way. I especially liked the transformer-part with music by Jesper Kyd.

-3d demo/Anarchy: some of the best demomusic I have heard and excellent programming by my old friend Hannibal (Sunjohn/Silents).

-Hardwired: almost only never-seen-before well executed effects, perfect design.

-Humantarget/Melon: great tune and many new effects spiced up with a refreshing design.

-Desert Dream/Kefrens: didn't like it at first, but it truly is a classic!

-Nexus 7/Andromeda: simply perfect programming and design

-Vision/Oxygene: these something about the ambience.

-XIII/Oxyron: that code is so hardcore!

-Myster&Tremor/Embassy: one of the very few "newskool" demos which really appealed to me. An awesome tune and technically great programming.

I have without any doubt forgotten demos, which I liked very much at that time. The Silents/Anarchy/Kefrens/Flash Productions/Crionics/Scoopex/Sanity/Rebels/Phenomena/Virtual Dreams/Oxygene etc have all done some memorable stuff.
#5 - Posted: 6 Nov 2005 05:04
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I feel like Spaceballs 9 Fingers and State of the art needs to be remembered.

I know I watched it over and over..and then some more!

Ove seen a big portion of the demos you others have mentioned.

Overall Im a big TBL fan.

Tho..I remember some cool demos by a group called Dexion...but all those disks are gone/destroyed.... :(
#6 - Posted: 7 Aug 2007 14:40
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTz5CW_0BVA&mode=re lated&search=

Just WOW!

Never seen spectrum demos before, but when I randomly found this one I was amazed by both music and in PARTICULAR the first effect. The zoom from eye to face to mouth etc etc.

Impressive stuff and very stylish!
michael phipps
#7 - Posted: 22 Aug 2007 20:59
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I supposed as a newbie, what inspired me to code my own demo I really looked up to a lot of sceners back in my young years when I was active on the Amiga scene, I really loved it and still really miss it now but I suppose in the end Commodore got what they wanted by killing off the Amiga and I hate them for that. Anyway times change and I suppose we have no choice but to embrace the PC scene coz that's the only access to the internet revolution! Anyway, here is a short list of people who I looked up to and inspired me to code the way I do:-

Mr Chaos Sanity ;The true god of all amiga coding!!!
Mr Dak Mad Elks ;We used to swap routines & ideas together even though his English was bad, he was only 19 years old when he coded & released Technological Death!!!!

Tron - Sanity
Spook Digital ;another cool UK lad, he moved to the USA now.
Sputnik Freezers ;F*#kin fast cool AGA routines man!
Dr Jeykll & Mr Hyde ;I loved their design & coding style, really cool indeed.

Hmmm... that's it!


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