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#1 - Posted: 29 May 2007 04:44
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Hi folks,

I discovered that the official Spaceballs site was down back in March. I was so exstatic to find this site yesterday and have downloaded all the ones that are available (those stored on Aminet Germany, Scene.org and amigascne). Those that were stored on Planet-d.net have gone :(

Does anyone have the others that were stored on Planet-d? Here's a list of the ones I know are unavailable from the list on this site (will check Pouet.com tomorrow night for the rest):

Eurochart 40
Hideous Mutant Freak
Pop Junkie
Sparklingbluearticlight (what a mouthful!)

If anyone does have the files can you please email me them at:


The first Spaceballs demo I got was State Of The Art, which I managed to get hold of, along with AMOS Basic, back in 2001 when I bought my first Amiga 600 off of eBay. Sadly both my A600's are down at the moment (probably due to failed capacitors - I haven't check yet) so I'm doing all my amiga stuff on my laptop via WinUAE.

#2 - Posted: 29 May 2007 12:02
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@lonewolf: welcome :o)

Spaceballs site moved from planet-d to untergrund. I think you will find the files you are looking for there.

If you still have trouble finding them, i'll put them up somewhere.
#3 - Posted: 30 May 2007 00:12
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Many thanks for that. I have downloaded all the ones I think I didn't have from their official site. They do have 4 files missing, or invalid links, so will email them in a minute about that.



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