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#1 - Posted: 31 Dec 2006 15:23
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Hope you guys don't mind me posting this on an Amiga forum but which PC demos do you lot like ?

I never really saw the DOS demos as I had an Amiga but Second Reality from 1993 looked quite good for the time (watching on www.youtube.com).

I didn't really see many PC demos untill 2000 when they were just getting started with main stream 3d graphics cards. Was the demo scene slow in adopting these cards ? It looked that way to me as I'm guessing most didn't want to drop there CPU graphics engines which they'd spent years on for very fixed hardware versions. It was probably considerd lame at the time maybe ?

Anyway I was quite unimpressed with PC demos and all the hardware 3d which really bored me. The hardware was so fixed (TNT2, Vodoo etc) that everything to me looked the same and most games looked better anyway.

Now with much increased programmatically hardwired into the cards (shaders) I'm starting to much more enjoy the demos. Here are some of my favorites:-

Farbrausch - FR08 (The first demo I liked on the PC TBH and from an Amiga master :0) )
Portal Process - Don't Stop
Mfx & Kewlers - 1995 (Nice tune !)
Conspiracy - Chaos Theory
Synthetics - Sts4
Plastic - Final Addition
#2 - Posted: 31 Dec 2006 15:58
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Doh.. ofcourse it's ok to mention pc demos :o) I myself watch every pc prod released. Though i must say that i prefer amiga prods in general.

Some favourites:
Prods from Moppi productions, Fairlight, Fairlight & Silents, Outracks, Kewlers, Bauknecht, Stravaganza and Wipe.
#3 - Posted: 1 Jan 2007 19:17
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Hm, let see..newschool:

Loopit - 6 letter word
Fairlight - Come clean
Shitfaced Clowns - Newton never did this, BITCH & Five finger discount
Farbrausch - The Product
Traction - hard to pick a favourite demo

I'm mostly into the old demos, and my favourites are probably:

Lois Lane - Blasphemy
Plastik - Purple
Kkowboy - Purple
Hyperventilation - Byterapers
Machines of Madness - Dubius
Toasted - Cubic Team & Seen
Alien Sex Clone - Fudge
Björ - Tpolm
Stash - TBL
Boost - Doomsday
Fulcrum - Matrix
Dope - Complex
Godog - Komplex (java demo)
Acme - 303


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