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Brock Stallion
#1 - Posted: 21 Mar 2006 21:13
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Hello all, this is my first post!

How happy am I that I found these Amiga demo sites, bring back loads of really good memories :-)

If I remember correctly, my favourite demo on my old 500+ was one that started with the logo "Something for your mind" and kept going "REPLAY" throughout, does anyone else know this one (and where I could get a copy from)

Thank you :-)
#2 - Posted: 23 Mar 2006 09:24
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... I don't know for this one. you can also try to describe your demo and get the answer at the multi-machine demo database www.pouet.net, in the forum. People search for old demos very often.
Try to give more details also, there are thousands of demos out there, and your description is quite poor.
#3 - Posted: 4 Apr 2006 14:39
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The demo sounds like "Mayday resistance" by Adict, released at TP 92'. It can be found on pouet.net


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