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#1 - Posted: 12 Jan 2019 22:40
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Hi ADA! Happy 2019!

tl;dr: Help me decide which platform to make a 4k for by making the music.

In much of my demo production, the music is the starting point. Even when I have a concrete technical idea (and sometimes already implemented it, more or less), it is listening to the music (or a preview of it) which produces the pictures in my mind which allow me to come up with the actual content. I have enjoyed a lot working with different musicians, as their different styles produce very different inspiration.

I want to try an experiment in taking this approach to the extreme. I want the music to be so decisive that it determines which platform I will make a demo for, thus not having a fixed, preconceived notion of the content or technique to be used.

Only the size is fixed: it will be a 4k intro, since this is, you know, my kind of thing.

Thus I am putting forth this challenge to all demoscene musicians: suggest music for my Revision 2019 4k intro and, in doing so, assert influence over which platform I will be making a 4k for.

The options are:

- Windows: You can use any suitable 4k synth, though I might have a bias towards music created using one of my own synths, preferrably Oidos. ;)

- Amiga: Use Cinter (ought to get around to putting this on Pouet - oh well). The specific Amiga targeted (OCS or AGA/060) will depend both on the memory usage / precalc time of the music, and on which kind of effect the music inspires me to do.

- Commodore 64: You can use any editor/player you like, as long as it is single speed and has reasonable raster time usage and reasonable size. You choose which SID version to target.

To take part in the challenge, send a suitable piece of music (the raw project file(s), not just a render) to blueberry at loonies dot dk. The deadline for submitting (a representative preview of) your music is February 7, 2019. Shortly after this date, I will choose the piece of music that I find most inspiring (and which is otherwise suitable) and work further with the musician based on that. This will give us two months to make the actual intro.

As for the size, there is no hard requirement, as it is a case-by-case tradeoff between the music and the visuals. As a guideline, around 1500 bytes compressed for player plus music is usually reasonable (or somewhat less on Amiga, as there is more effect overhead there, but it depends). Also, the initial version of the music doesn't need to hit the target size. We will work on optimizing and adjusting the music as we go along.

You are of course very welcome to send me drafts for feedback (about style, size and other suitability issues) and to ask further questions here or by mail (or Facebook Messenger). One question you likely have is what kind of music I like. I will deliberately not say too much about this, in order not to constrain you. I would love to be surprised by receiving a style of music very different from my usual demo muzak that gives me inspiration for doing new things.

If I choose not to use your music, you of course retain all rights to it and can use it for some other intro (with me or someone else).

Also, there is of course not a 100% guarantee that the intro ends up being finished in time. As always, real life may come in the way, or I might not receive any music that I find sufficiently inspiring (though I find that unlikely, given all the talented people reading this). On the other hand, I might receive material for several years of 4k intros. This is an experiment, and I hope that a lot of you will want to join in. :)
Cosmos Amiga
#2 - Posted: 19 Jan 2019 15:46
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ask Moby (el mobo now) : conkretestudio@gmail.com
#3 - Posted: 2 Feb 2019 21:20
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5 days left!

You are of course welcome to join forces if you want. Or to "nudge" suitable musicians in case you have some strong opinions about which platform I should target. ;)
#4 - Posted: 9 Feb 2019 13:22 - Edited
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The challenge has concluded.

Big thanks to all the musicians who accepted the challenge:

Curt Cool, Garfferen, Jammer, Juice, V0yager, Virgill and Wertstahl.

You sent me, including drafts, 8 tunes for Windows, 2 for Amiga and 2 for Commodore 64.

It has been a very interesting experience for me to make the platform decision in this way. While I listened to the music I received, I became aware of a bias that I had probably surmised beforehand but hadn't fully realized the extent of: even though several of the Windows tunes were very much to my liking, and visually inspiring as well, I found that the ideas they generated were of a nature that would require me to perform too many preliminary experiments to realistically produce something reasonably competitive in two months.

In the end, the choice fell on an energetic Cinter tune by Curt Cool. Thus, my Revision 2019 4k intro will be for Amiga! :-D
#5 - Posted: 5 Apr 2019 12:49
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Totally missed this! Would have had a crack at trying to help out. Maybe for 2020 ;-)
#6 - Posted: 8 Apr 2019 17:23
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We'll find some other time. :)

Were you thinking of trying out Cinter?


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